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It's all about me, ain't it?

Swedish Youtube launch

3D Posted on Mon, April 12, 2010 11:22:14

About a year or so, we made some visuals for the launch party for the swedish version of Youtube. This was the opening sequence

Swedish Grammy Awards

3D Posted on Wed, January 21, 2009 09:27:40

I got the opportunity to do some animated 3d recently. Being new at this i did what i could and it came out pretty sweet in the end i think.

The client was swedish production company Baluba and basically what I did was animated graphics and sound production for breakbumpers and billboards for the Swedish Grammy Award, or Grammis as it is called.

Watch the result here

Oh fishy fish!

3D Posted on Sun, February 03, 2008 22:19:27

I dunno why but for some reason i decided to make a cartoonish caviar tube a la the old BlÄvitt collection available here in sweden when i grew up. It could perhaps be a side effect from the expensive fermented black tea Mel bought today. it was yummiiiee though.
here it is:

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(ok, i rrreeally gotta start learning how to do more organic stuff)

Smithers, release the hounds…!

3D Posted on Fri, January 25, 2008 22:17:34

Been dabbling about with a promo-picture for my self and what i do (click for larger version):

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Box one

3D Posted on Mon, January 14, 2008 00:05:39

I saw a page on Flickr where someone had built a cute, nice set of analog modular synthesizers, in paper/cardboard. so i thought that hey, maybe i could do something similar in 3d. i’ve started by doing just a main keyboard, in a toonish shape but semi real materials. more things will follow, with lots and lots of knobs, patch cables, VU-meters, and sliders and and and stuff.

edit: i’ve added some sort of modular …something.

click for larger view.

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3D Posted on Sat, January 12, 2008 18:23:54

Did a small rendering of a toonish car-key with semi-real materials for something involving one of the best selling car brands here…

The key blade is very rough at the moment.

Click for larger a larger view

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It’s fun to stay at the H-D-R-I

3D Posted on Sat, January 05, 2008 02:17:56

A small angry robot illuminated by a HDRI-image. First time trying out the Ambient Occlusion setting in Cinema 4D.

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click for a larger more detailed version!

Things that go bzzzzzz

3D Posted on Sun, December 30, 2007 14:21:26

I have a friend who likes bugs and insects. So much that she has one of those african giant millipedes at home. And other things with too many legs. Anyways, i made her a small artificial insect last night. Here it is, eating nectar:

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yes, click the image for a larger version.

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